Hailing from diverse backgrounds, our employees bring a wide range of experience and skill sets to CI. Some are new to the financial services industry, while others have built their careers around it.

So what is it really like to work at CI? Check out video testimonials from employees across the company. They’ll give you an inside look at the tasks and challenges encountered in a typical day here at CI.

“Having a mentor means being able to turn to someone you trust for sound advice when you need it.  The benefit of this program is that you can leverage the mentor’s experience and knowledge to better position yourself as a leader in the organization.” – Mentee
“It’s terrific. It has really been a two way street of learning.  I feel the program has made me think more deeply about my role, how I got here, what it is I like to do, and how my experiences can help others.” – Mentor
“Ready to Lead Management training has provided me with the skills and tools I need to better lead my team. I am confident that with what I have learned that my team is headed for great things.” – Ready to Lead Participant
“Having an inquiring mind is not only encouraged. It is embraced, and you are selflessly given opportunities to rise up and reach your full potential.” – Anonymous, Employee Opinion Survey Participant
“The people make all the difference.” – Anonymous, Employee Opinion Survey Participant

What's it like to work at CI?

“If I look at what we do for our employees, the training, the encouragement… people appreciate that. And we’re constantly looking to be able to promote people from within our organization.”

Stephen MacPhail, Former President and CEO, CI Financial

“CI’s known for their industry leading training programs that they give to you when you start ensure that you’re comfortable with and able to do your job.”

Devendra, Inside Sales Associate

“Looking back, there has been tremendous support and opportunity to grow and achieve my personal goals and I am now in a position to help employees do the same, all the while contributing to the momentous growth of CI.”

Evan, Associate Financial Advisor

“I found the Leader’s Digest interesting, informative and educational. It was an excellent opportunity to hear the perspective of our Executive Management Group. The program reinforces my belief that CI is committed to developing its current and future leaders.”

Director, Business Analysis

“CI’s approach has offered summer students invaluable opportunities in developing their business skills. From developing teamwork skills in a professional environment to maximizing efficiency when addressing a task alone, CI provides students with the initial experience that is vital for students when seeking work after finishing school.”

Alex, Summer Student

“Strong culture of professionalism and dedication to work and development of people within the organization makes CI not only a great place to work but also very successful. This in turn retains and attracts high quality employees.”

Anonymous, Employee Opinion Survey Participant

“The Management Forum is an excellent meeting that helps instill in me that we are all an integral part of the success of the CI organization.  The executives’ updates were very informative, especially the panel discussion and the breakout sessions offered a great learning opportunity.   It’s definitely an event not to be missed!”

Supervisor, Facilities & Reception